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Feb 23

Unexpected Lust Child


This is a strange title for this but I am not sure what to call it. I was shown a picture of a guy that one of my alien friends thought I would like to be friends with, so we could all have alien chats together. She told us both separately to add each other on facebook. I am not quick to add strangers so, I looked at his picture, the same one my friend sent of him and that night or the next I felt his energy so strong of sexual lust. It was so strong it was like he was in the room and this is in waking state. This went on for 3 nights in a row lustful, passionate sex. This was happening right when id lay down for sleep in wake state and even more in dream state. Mind you I still haven't met this guy at all. It was so intense I wanted to share all this information with him, because on his end he was shown a picture of me. That got me thinking there was a connection to that like maybe his thinking of me in this way and I can feel it. So, I decided the first time I met him online I would just word vomited and asked him. I did just that and he said props to you for sharing that with me a complete stranger. He told me that he didn't have any dreams of me like that on his end. So, now that got me thinking someone or some being used his body to have sex with me.

About a month later I had a dream of the same guy crouched down in the grass smiling and coming towards me was this beautiful little baby learning how to walk. I was waiting for the baby at the other end of the grass. This dream was to show me that there was a baby that came from astral sex or how ever you would call it. This baby is alive and well , I never got to feel the pregnancy or see what happened during delivery but this was to show me it really happened. I am not sure of the race because it is shown to me as a human baby. Not sure if its a boy or a girl. I haven't had anymore dreams of that baby.