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Feb 24

*TRIGGERS* Manipulation


Edited: Feb 24

Dream 1

While in dream state, I am taken to this bright blurred out room with at least 4 individuals. Their silhouettes are blurred, bright and colorful clothings. No one is in focus, I feel sedated and slow yet conscious of whats happening to me.They realize I am semi conscious of whats happening so they guide me to the table. And tell me that they want to do a sexual act with me. ( I am not going to be graphic but you'll get what im saying) So, because I am sedated I am not fighting it but I do have thoughts of what was just said to me. I am trying to feel scared but sedation won't let me. I am nervous because do not want to do this with 4 people I don't no. They tell me I will like it and don't worry with no feeling but I'm still thinking of how there are at least 4 of them. I am still on the table and the one in charge goes down to my vagina but I don't feel sexual happenings at all. I put my hands down there to feel what was happening and I felt a thick cold, hard plasticy wet ring. Larger than a human vagina. I am not sure what it was, this could me my alien body but not sure this was a larger opening.



Dream 2

the next night I have a similar dream but this time I am the one talking to a group of women telling them that I can teach them how to masturbate. While having this dream I realize now I am the one manipulating others. Not sure how or why I am the one on this side of helping now . But the same type of thing happened someone else is laying down and I "show them how to do it". I don't know what I showed them but I felt the area again and felt the same thing, thick plasticy wet ring larger than a human vagina. I guess you could say it would look like a dilated vagina. That's the only way I could describe how large it is but the skin is different. I have visions of what it looks like and its a light pale blueish/gray color.slick to the touch.



I am not sure what was happening but I do feel like this was a moment of harvesting. I couldn't get to see the race due to it being blurred but they appeared human like so I would feel scared.