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Hybrid Mother

My Name is Geraldine Orozco Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay area to a wonderful well Educated, Cultured and Spiritual  family. 

Leading a seemingly normal life I attended an all girls catholic school, Played Violin for 13 years, sang and  performed dance, Attended college and then branched of to be an International flight attendant. I then worked in international sales operations at a telecom company and through my off time corporate volunteering found a passion for event planning .


After receiving a  notice of my company filing chapter 13 i found myself on a plane to china to train my outsourced replacement.  This is where I found interested in the Chinese import, export market. I knew that my next step was to start my own business. However coincidentally within the first 2 years of having my business my partner passed away and sent me in an emotional roller-coaster to understand the meaning of life. I struggled for years to become successful and failed 4 times, investing every penny and working around the clock. From my garage I soon moved into a beautiful office but it was after my 4th attempt that I soon became internationally published for my design work. One night in 2013 I woke up at 3:33am to find my bedroom brightly lit. 

As I climb out of bed, I walk to the window and the light only got brighter. I squint to look beyond and through the mini blinds at a giant silver lenticular craft hoovering over my bedroom window. 

Next thing I know I am completely paralyzed,  I am then drawn into the craft by 6 tall gray beings. Terror cannot begin to describe my emotion.    As I am entering the craft I can no longer feel emotion. However the ship from within, changes before my eyes, as a holographic environment shifts scenery at their demand. I am shown my aunt and then brought further into the ship where I am shown a magnificent holographic prism filled with lights. Information that would change my life for ever. 


I am shown a series of the most complex information from ET language to  a technology so beautifully advanced, it goes beyond our cinematographic imagination. 

I am  finally presented with, what would change my life for ever, 8 shimmering yellow lights emerge from the blue prism to reveal  4 children before me.  The most beautiful beings, however not human, stood before me. Embodying my essence,  my energy, my aesthetic, my eyes. and yet the most rare and complex eyes I had ever experienced.  There are no words to describe the gravitational power of instinctual maternal love that overcame me. The connection, the exchange, the recognition. the overwhelming confusion tainted by an overpowering love and need to nurture. The energetic bond of a mother and child can never be replicated. And there commenced a new chapter in my life. One of deaths and rebirths. one of burdening yet liberating consciousness and knowledge beyond our the comprehension of man kind. a complete surrender. 

Welcome to Hybrid Mother. 

If your story sounds like mine then you are meant to be here. This website was created for the men, women and youth that are participating the human hybridization program. 

There is a lot to understand and a lot to questions and my purpose is to open space for you to find YOUR own truth through your experiences. 

This website is an international support group

- A Directory for all who need resources.

- A tool to learn share and discuss.

- A place of Healing through

      Self discovery

       hypnotic regression

      DNA Reprogramming - Trauma Recovery


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