International Hybridization Phenomena   

Experiencer Hypnotherapy Regression

& Trauma Recovery Sessions

geraldine orozco hybrid mother

 Sessions are between 2 to 4 hrs. long

And facilitated internationally

through zoom.  





As a life long abductee, ET Experiencer and more recently avid researcher in the human hybridization phenomena. I realized early on the power and transformational process of discovery through hypnotic regression. I have undergone over 10 hypnotherapy session in order to recover a life long suppressed memories and experiences which helped me understand my involvement and purpose behind the hybridization program.

As a- Certified Hypnotherapist -

-Certified Pranic Healer  -

-Certified Quantum Touch Energy Healing -

-Certified holistic Stress management Instructor -

-Certified Trauma Based Recovery Facilitator -

and over 6 years of Shamanic Training -'

I am here to assist you on your journey through healing and discovery. 

Hypnotherapy sessions are  specialized to assist you in navigating a wide range of experiences.

My only focus is the full integration of fragments within memories which may have been regressed deep within the subconscious mind.  Sessions are focused on healing and integrating information as well as fractals of the multidimensional body which may have been fragmented within trauma or memory loss. 

Therapy Session

Hypnotherapy Personal Growth/Self-Esteem PTSD/ Trauma Pain management Regression Belief and behavioral changes Anxiety Motivation Stress/anxiety reduction Phenomena and Extra Terrestrial and Interdimensional Contact - PTSD - Trauma - Insomnia - Pain - Sexual Trauma - Hybridization Experiences - We use hypnotherapy to reach our subconscious mind, accessing root beliefs, both positive and negative, programming which affects how we think, feel, and behave. I assist you to gently change creating new neural pathways and thought form to release unhealthy beliefs. The power of the mind is exceptional i lovingly guide you to change negative patterns and behaviors easily. Sessions are held Safely through zoom internationally

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Hypnotherapy - Session

3 hrs 30 min.

Geraldine orozco Hybrid Mother