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Shasta Contact

January 18 - 21

11am Friday January 18th - imposed flashes of 3 Triangle ships

Draconian Grey Triangle ships MiLab

7:00 pm - Strong pressure change and ringing in ears.- Same say this is what they experience before contact.

Mt Shasta Geraldine Orozco
Mt Shasta Geraldine Orozco

1:00 am - A ship makes itself known to me above my first floor bedroom. I can now see beyond my ceiling at the ship which is about 10 yards above. The ship is about 40 by 40 by 30 feet Obtuse Triangle layered inserts on the edges bu seemless design the lights are complete emanations of light but no direct source can be identified. They are like glowing surfaces intermeshed with the Liquid/metallic surface.

1:03 am - I am pulled out of my body as I look down at what i am leaving behind in the bed below me. i am reaching out to return but get pulled into the vessel. The largest interior space is circular and then i black out.

Sunday 20th

1:00 am I fall asleep and al of a sudden a black tunnel portal opens over my body and i am sucked into a black liquid substance. I do not remember anything as I enter the black substance.

This is the first time that I have experienced being pulled into a "vortex" interdimensionally

and the first time I saw Triangle ships in waking fully conscious day and evening.

The level of lucidity through these experiences during the moment of being peeled away from the physical body were extremely vivid. I lost about 3 hours each time I was taken, my room mate was in deep sleep and unaware as i was encapsulated for both experiences.

A very strong pain in my lower abdomen was present upon return from the Vortex experience and as i woke I knew that something had occurred.

Geraldine Draconian Abduction

Do any of these experiences resonate with you? If so share your story below.

Please feel free to join any of the Support groups and meet ups. If you feel you would like to discuss your experience or just feel you need someone to talk to about them. You can also message me directly at info@

Unconditional Love and Source Connection.


Hybrid Mother


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