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Are You an experiencer?

In 2013 I was awakened at 333 am to brilliant light at my bedroom window. As I approach my window and look out to the painfully blinding light flooding my room. My body became immediately paralyzed, I cannot, scream, move or even look beyond the direction before me. I am brought into a lenticular shaped craft by 6 tall grays where I see another member of my family. I am  then introduced to 4 of my 8 hybrid children. As I lay my eyes on this beautiful strange looking creature for the first time in my life.  A feeling of recognition and an overwhelming feeling of maternal love over comes me as I begin to receive flashes of telepathic memories  through the childs eyes. The child, not only looks like me and feels like me but has the most giant complex eyes I have ever experienced. The child instantly connect with me as his mother.

 The experience continues as I meet in person the 3 other children. My Children, the feeling of not knowing you are a mother is complex and emotional. a feeling of confusion and inability to understand or cognize how this could have occurred sent me on the deepest paradigm shifting journey of my life.


2017 I had my first regression with Alba Weinman




Nov 2018 Second regression with Alba Weinman - Multiple Complete Insemination, Gestation and Removal Process

My second regression was the most powerful and paradigm shifting experience. as I went deeper into dimensions of information to help me understand what was happening with myself and others. Most importantly documenting the technology, procedures and techniques utilized in the hybridization program.  from the age of 5 to 35 activity ranging from implants of technology to insemination and extractions. As a participant of 4 different hybridization programs and after 10 hypnotic regressions I discovered that i had 24 hybrid children. 


I created this website to assist you in learning, discovery and integration of the activity surrounding the human DNA and Soul.


Abductees, hybrid mothers and fathers we are here to listen, learn and heal through our understanding of the Human Hybridization Program. There are many aspects to the Hybridization program.  Some experiencers recall pleasant experiences while others experience trauma.  Some are terrestrial experiences such as  MiLAB and Governmental Programs and others are Extraterrestrial Programs conducted interdimensionally


Both cases are just as valid and both require support, understanding, and compassion. 

My Name is Geraldine Orozco,

Knowledge is Power

I am here to serve and assist in the integration of this information and to provide you with as much understanding of this process as possible to assist in comprehending why you were involved and how to neutralize these experiences.


On this website, you will find access to private support groups Hypnotherapists from some of the worlds highly qualified regressionists, communication with fellow experiencers, and educate yourself with a wealth of information from top researchers in the field, plus many tools to assist your path. 

The human is most advanced biotechnology in the multiverse.

unconditional love and source connection.

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