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Hypnotherapy sessions are  specialized to assist you in navigating a wide range of experiences.

My only focus is the full integration of fragments within memories which may have been regressed deep within the subconscious mind.  Sessions are focused on healing and integrating information as well as fractals of the multidimensional body which may have been fragmented within trauma or memory loss. 

Support Group

Connect with experiencers and contactees from around the world that are looking to share and integrate their experiences. 

The support group is a safe place to educate, inform and heal ant traumatic experiences.

All experiencers welcome.

If you are an abductee, experiencer, hybrid Mother, Hybrid Father please join us to discuss and learn more.

Register below on our available zoom dates

Image by Aldebaran S

Interdimensional Contact Course

Understanding Contact -

  • Scientific Review

  • Social Review

  • Medical Review

  • Physiological Review

  • How we manifest/ Consciousness

  • PTSD and Contact

  • Experiences and trends

  • How to Handle Trauma

  • How to activate contact

  • How to Stop Contact

  • Protection awareness

  • History of Contact

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