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Welcome to HybridMother, This platform is meant to provide support and education for those experiencing interdimensional phenomena.  This includes experiences around,


Interdimensional Contact

Non Physical Consciousness

Vibrational and Light Manifestations

Terrestrial Contact/Abductions

Extra Terrestrial Contact

Unexplained Spiritual Phenomena

Hybridization Experiences

Here, you will find access to the Hybrid Mother private international support group and workshops led by Geraldine Orozco. Receive support by vetted Hypnotherapists, healers and therapists in the field of interdimensional  phenomena and Spiritual and Metaphysical educators. Some Contact experiences result in PTSD and for that reason  these powerful support groups are designed to assist with integration,  trauma and education. Workshops and lectures offer education through a wealth of information from top researchers and experiencers in the field. In addition to many tools to assist your spiritual, emotional and physical integration of life as a contactee. 



Abductees claim 

participation in the Hybridization Program


Americans Claim Alien Abduction


Abductees Claim

to know the purpose of the Hybridization program


Support Groups

Hybrid Mothers & Fathers
Hybrid Support
Mi-Lab MK-Ultra Support

Support Group Dedicated individual who have experienced are are currently experiencing Hybridization.

Group for Hybrids, Starseeds, Experiencers and Abductees

Support Group for Individuas that are experiencing MiLab & MK Ultra Abductions and 

Clinical Hypnotherapy

Regression with the top

Hypnotherapists and healers in the field.

Assist you in accessing memories to allow you to 

learn. Integrate and heal.


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Upcoming Events

  • International Experiencer Support Group   (2)
    Oct 14, 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM PDT
    Zoom meeting
    Meet online through zoom invitation. Subscribe to join. Hybrid Parents, hybrid, experiencers and contactees of ET, Interdimensional contact welcome.