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Hybrid Mother

Support . Knowledge . Integration

Are You A Hybrid Parent?

 As a fellow abductee and hybrid mother, this community was created to provide support, listen and Educate. We are here to learn and heal, through the understanding of the Human Hybridization Program. There are many aspects to the Hybridization Program.  Some experiencers may encounter higher vibrational, (perceived as pleasant), experiences, while others can experience trauma (lower vibrational Experiences).   Terrestrial experiences such as in Military Abductions (MilAb) are often lead by factions of the Government, with or without ET involvement. Other programs include Extraterrestrial/inter-dimensional experiences conducted  in a controlled environment by means of technology such as aboard craft or interdimensionally.  All cases are just as valid and require support, understanding, and compassion.

On this website, you will find access to private international support groups. Recall support by some of the worlds most qualified Hypnotherapists in the UFO phenomena field. Qualified healing practitioners to assist with trauma and protection. You also have access to connect with fellow experiencers, and educate yourself with a wealth of information from top researchers in the field on human hybridization and contact. In addition to many tools to assist your education, healing and integration of life as a contactee. 


Abductees claim 

participation in the Hybridization Program


Americans Claim Alien Abduction


Abductees Claim

to know the purpose of the Hybridization program









Hybrid Mothers & Fathers
Hybrid Support

Support Group Dedicated individual who have experienced are are currently experiencing Hybridization.

Group for Hybrids, Starseeds, Experiencers and Abductees

Mi-Lab MK-Ultra Support

Support Group for Individuas that are experiencing MiLab & MK Ultra Abductions and 


Clinical Hypnotherapy

Regression with the top

regressionist in the field.

Assist you in accessing memories to allow you to 

learn. integrate and heal.


Whats Your Story?

The more we Share, the more we understand 

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