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I am a 65 yo Vietnam Veteran. I have had so many experiences and direct contact with so many beings, both in and out of this dimension. I have had a most beautiful relationship with Gaia, a light being , just like us. She is no longer here in earth; she left a little while ago. She fulfilled her mission and purpose within this Matrix system. "We who are One are Many, and the Many are One" I also, like many of you have many children aboard craft that I have personally seen, and even held one infant. They were perfectly human in appearance, though they were telepathic in nature. I have been aboard many different craft and have traveled through other dimensions and have had many experiences that would blow most peoples minds; who are not aware of this Matrix system. Most of what I know and that has been shared with me is beyond the ability of most people to understand unless the also have been awakened. WE as One are so much more than most can understand. I am a Super being of Light. Our ability to work within the Matrix system is what makes us very unique. I would love so much to be able to share with as many of you who would like to learn more, everything that I can. So many changes are coming; many good, many bad!!! WE can prevent the world wars that many of us have been shown through downloads from our Universal sisters and brothers, who are in this with us! Sincerely: Keith Elsberry; OVERCOMER!

Keith Elsberry

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