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Hello Everyone,

I wanted to share a little bit about myself i currently live in Fresno California originally from San Jose. Since a child i knew there was more to this life than just us here on earth. When I moved to Fresno I decided to take a trip to Sacramento and our airbnb host was a medium, tarot reader and also did reiki. She was all happy to bring out her crystals and something i've never seen before an alien rattle from South America. She was the first person to mention my contact with aliens. She mentioned to me that I worked with them often and I had no idea. Before her reading I never thought twice about aliens. I like the movie alien but thats about it. I had been more spiritual and working on that off and on my whole live. Her reading gave me a direction i've longed for as a child that feeling of you are not alone and you are not crazy!. Since that reading I have had many Alien interactions, all of which happen in dream state. I have been shown many children that i know are mine or I have helped in some way. And other types of interactions as well.

I am here to share my experiences and to find some type of clarity as to know what and why this is all happening.


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