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I have been an experiencer since I was 5 years old in 1986. My first UFO sighting was when I got home from a Boy Scout meeting/event. It looked like the gulf breeze ufo but more like the one in the TV show the Greatest American Hero. I turned to run towards the house to get my mom and dad to come out and see it. As soon as my first foot touched the ground it shot straight up like snap of a finger fast and turned into a star. It was huge. If you look up at your ceiling the object was bigger then my entire ceiling but in the sky. The size of an aircraft carrier just above the trees. It didnt makr any sound. It rotated slowly counter clockwise with blue bar lights on the bottom and rectangular windows. My first experience I remember I woke up with something pulling my hair extremly hard but electrical and the sound of what a grass string trimmer makes when the line is spinning. That wizzing sound. Me and my younger sister shared the same room. It was during a meteor shower in 1986. We both screamed for my mom and dad but no one came. Thats all i can remember. Id sneak into my parents room and sleep on the floor for years after that. The latest and last occurance was about 3 years ago. I woke up and new something was in my room. I was to scared to look but said out loud I dont dare what you do to me I just dont want to remember anything. i felt a hand touch my foot and that was it. Ive never told anyone what ive typed here now.

Peter Rosen

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