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Integrating fully as a Diamond Ray 7th Dimensional Light Being. Golden Council, Ze’Rah Collective. My Soul name is Vasqua‘ra you don’t pronounce the ra It’s vibrational. Stellar System Anchorus, Collective Star Vexa.

I’m a Way Shower and Anchore’r of Light. I‘m also contracted to pass through this world, gathering intel and information to pass on to Stellar Groups such as the Galactic Federation of Light and the Band of the Golden Brothers, The Cosmic Brotherhood and others like this. These are all gatherers of information used to assist the inhabitants of Earth as it is now, to gradually ascend into the vibration akin to Lemuria as we knew it then.

I’m still Learning, Remembering and Integrating.. My Current incarnation Name is Patricia and I’m a lover of Nature, Animals, Sound, Art, Plants, Mother of two Starseeds and Married to a Fellow Lemurian Energetic Traveler. I entered Earth timeline about 200 000 human years ago. As Crazy as it sounds and feel to me I’m Grateful to slowly remember who I am and how I can serv..but it’s been a hard journey. May you stand strong in your Sun and know you are not alone and that you are but only a vibration away from your Starfamily.

🌟We are all learning and expanding🌟As we Serve🌟Reseive🌟Create🌟Shine🌟Love🌟Heal🌟Manifest🌟Embody 🌟Oneness🌟Sound 🌟Unify 🌟Cosmic Light 🌟Together 💛💛💛Serves from the heart centre, bringing peace after destruction.💛💛💛💛💛 Nice to be Acquainted with all you Beautifull Souls🌟


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